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Sanimax Energy - Kendallville, Indiana

Sanimax Energy - Kendallville, Indiana

description  Description:

We're a values-driven organization that transforms by-products from the food and meat industries into useful materials for other sectors.

For 125 years, we've been meeting the needs of our customers reliably and professionally, providing essential and environmentally responsible solutions.

Today, we serve the food and agribusiness industries across Canada and the United States by collecting used cooking oil and animal by-products. Then, at our state-of-the-art facilities, it's processed into quality ingredients.

However, we're far more than just a rendering company. We also source and market ingredients to companies around the world, generate clean-burning biofuel, and prepare hides and skins for leather production.

Who is Sanimax?

At Sanimax, we provide environmental solutions and added value to the agri-food industry.

Every year, we collect more than a million tons of animal and food by-products, vegetable oils, and hides and skins, providing an essential, reliable and sanitary service.

We transform that material into high-quality products destined for industries in North America and around the world, including feed companies, chemical manufacturers, tanneries, soap producers, and pet food manufacturers.

We also produce clean-burning biofuels for commercial trucking fleets and other energy users.

Today we're a sophisticated, modern organization with more than a thousand employees in state-of-the-art facilities across North America. We've also launched two joint ventures, creating synergies by teaming up with carefully selected partners with strengths that complement our own.

However, we haven't forgotten the values that drove our founders. That includes offering courteous, personalized service; understanding our customers' needs; and meeting demanding standards day in and day out.

We're also committed to being good neighbors in the communities where we operate, making sure all our facilities fully comply with environmental regulations.

Our Vision: Borderless, Values-Driven and Committed to Successful Growth.


In 2005, Sanimax was created from the merger of three major industry players:

* Sanimal Inc., a large Canadian rendering company based in Montréal, Québec
* The Anamax Group, a premier recycler of food by-products since 1881, with headquarters in Green Bay, Wisconsin
* bi-pro marketing limited, a worldwide marketer of premium products and ingredients, located in Guelph, Ontario

Together, we bring decades of expertise and the regional knowledge to do the job and understand our customers' needs.

By combining our resources and expertise, we're able to provide a more extensive range of products and services – and provide them more efficiently than ever to our customers across North America and around the world.

And although we're now a modern, multinational and multicultural organization, we're still driven by values like old-fashioned honesty and a commitment to our customers that made our family-owned businesses so successful.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission:
We Provide Environmental Solutions and Added Value to the Agri-Food Industry.

Our Vision:
Borderless, Values-Driven and Committed to Successful Growth.

Sanimax serves thousands of customers across North America. The market for our finished products is truly global, meeting the needs of customers worldwide.

Internally, we've created a seamless company that integrates all our business divisions on both sides of the U.S./Canada border.

As we've evolved, we haven't left behind the values that drove us as small, family businesses. Today, our values continue to permeate everything we do:

* Do What’s Right: Act ethically and honestly
o Act in accordance with the law, industry standards and the Code of Conduct
o Honor our commitments
* We Care: We’re committed to your personal & mutual growth
o As a learning organization, we are committed to develop our employees to reach their potential
o As a growing organization, we are committed to open discussions that lead to mutually-beneficial relationships
o Treat everyone with respect
* Seek Better Ways: Find opportunities
o Never be satisfied with the status quo, there is always a better way
o Be restless, curious, and intrusive
o Embrace change
* Innovate! Transform ourselves
o Think outside the box, be comfortable being unconventional
o Add value to services, process and products
o We all have a role to play in the process
* Take Action & Be Accountable: Make decisions, move us forward
o Decisions should be made at the level closest to the action
o An understanding of individual expectations responsibility and authority will allow us to act decisively
o Employees will be supported and held accountable for their decisions

Committed to Successful Growth
We've created a successful company through vision and a willingness to seize opportunities – but we're not done yet. We are constantly fostering leadership and looking for opportunities to improve our processes, develop our business, and create innovation.

Commitment to Standards

Sanimax is committed to high standards: both for our finished products and for the air and water that leaves our plants. We're proud of our modern laboratories, HACCP-certified facilities, state-of-the-art treatment systems, and qualified technicians.

Our customers rely on us for a consistent supply of quality products and ingredients that meet or surpass their specifications. That's why all aspects of our operations are strictly controlled.

Our finished products undergo extensive in-house testing to make sure they meet all industry standards. We also stay up to date on issues that affect our industry, such as BSE, through the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Federal Drug Administration and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Rendering is an essential environmental service. We collect more than a million tons of animal by-products and used cooking oil each year that would otherwise fill landfills, clog sewer systems, or get dumped illegally, and we transform them into useful products.

We're also aware of our responsibilities to the community and take them seriously. When it comes to reducing our environmental impact, Sanimax's plants are among the best in the industry.

We have invested in modern technologies to meet all emission standards, installing treatment systems to purify the wastewater from our facilities and strict odor-control systems to prevent air pollution.

After all, it's our environment too.


Sanimax produces high quality biodiesel in our 20 million gallon refinery in Deforest, Wisconsin. Committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations, our biodiesel surpasses the current ASTM specification and can meet European standards. Building relationships between biodiesel producers and customers, Sanimax Energy also provides a complete package for marketing production and managing risk for several other production facilities.

Sanimax Energy produces high quality technical grade glycerin and trades other various grades of material to meet our customers’ needs. Glycerin, a by-product from the biodiesel production process, is used in many industries and products including anti-freeze, personal care and animal feed.

Feedstock Development
Sanimax continues to seek out and develop alternative feedstocks for biofuel and bioenergy production. Due to our ability to produce high quality biodiesel from high acid or contaminated feedstocks, Sanimax leads the industry in the search, development and utilization of these products, including crude corn oil, jatropha, camelina and varioius by-products.

Crude Corn Oil
Sanimax can provide extraction and marketing expertise for the removal of crude corn oil from distillers’ grains in the ethanol production process. We can bring added value to ethanol producers by utilizing this feedstock in our own biofuel production or marketing it to higher value applications.

New Technologies
Sanimax is committed to the commercialization of future technologies, including pyrolysis and renewable diesel as well as producing more efficient and very safe fuels from traditional and alternative feedstocks.

address  Address:

7616 N 600 E
Kendallville 46755

contact  Contact:

bullet  Contact: Martin Couture; Jeremy Goodfellow; Doug Lamond
bullet  Title: President & Chief Executive Officer; Vice President, Energy

bullet  Phone: 260.481.5804
bullet  Fax: 260.347.1505

bullet  Www: Visit Website

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