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VeraSun Energy Corporation - Headquarters

VeraSun Energy Corporation - Headquarters

description  Description:

About VeraSun Energy

VeraSun Energy Corporation (VSUNQ), headquartered in Sioux Falls, S.D., is a leading producer and marketer of ethanol and distillers grains. Founded in 2001, the company has a fleet of 16 production facilities in eight states. VeraSun Energy currently has an annual production capacity potential of approximately 1.64 billion gallons of ethanol and 5 million tons of distillers grains.

VeraSun also markets E85, a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline for use in Flexible Fuel Vehicles (FFVs), directly to fuel retailers under the brand VE85®.

History of VeraSun Energy

VeraSun Energy Corporation, headquartered in Sioux Falls, S.D., was founded in 2001 with the goal of providing a renewable, home-grown energy source while boosting our domestic rural economy and creating a future that includes renewable energy to help benefit the environment and reduce our nation's demand for foreign oil.

The company has been credited for a number of “industry firsts” – the first 100 million-gallon-per-year (MMGY) dry-grind production facility, the country's first branded E85, VE85®; the first ethanol producer to form strategic alliances with Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Kroger to increase awareness and availability of E85, and the first company to place an E85 retail station in the Washington D.C. metro area.

VeraSun began producing ethanol in December 2003 when its Aurora, S.D., production facility came on-line. Less than two years later, Fort Dodge, Iowa, became the second VeraSun facility to begin production, increasing the company's production capacity to more than 200MMGY. Not stopping with two facilities, VeraSun began other greenfield site developments in Iowa at Charles City and Hartley, in addition to a third location in Welcome, Minnesota. A fourth greenfield location is currently under development in Reynolds, Indiana – also referred to as BioTown™ USA. VeraSun Charles City began operation in April 2007, three months ahead of schedule.

On June 14, 2006, VeraSun became the first "pure play" ethanol producer to take its stock public when it listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The public listing was the first of several major announcements for the company over the next 18 months. In July 2007, VeraSun announced the first major acquisition in the industry when the company purchased three 110MMGY production facilities from ASAlliances Biofuels, LLC. The facilities, located in Linden, Indiana; Albion, Nebraska, and Bloomingburg, Ohio, doubled the company's production capacity to more than 650MMGY.

VeraSun's second major acquisition came less than five months later when it was announced that VeraSun and US BioEnergy would merge, creating a company with 16 biorefineries and a production capacity by the end of 2008 of more than 1.6 billion gallons per year (BGY). The merger positions VeraSun as the largest ethanol producer in the United States with plants located in eight different states.

Mission & Values

At VeraSun, our mission is to be a leading producer of renewable fuels for the benefit of our shareholders, communities and country.
Our Values

Commitment to Safety—We will build and maintain a safe workplace, and give the highest priority to protecting our employees, contractors and communities.

Integrity—We will conduct ourselves and our business to reflect the highest ethical standards.

Teamwork—We will foster a teamwork environment while never losing sight of individual contributions.

Responsibility—We will fulfill our duties and commitments to our shareholders, customers, employees, communities and the environment.

Leadership—We will take a leadership position to promote positive growth and development of the industry.

Passion to Succeed—We will instill a can-do attitude in our employees, challenging them to achieve uncommon results.


Ethanol is a type of alcohol made by fermenting starch or sugar-based products such as corn, potatoes, wheat and sorghum, as well as agricultural products like sugarcane, rice straw, and even paper. Historically, corn has been the go-to source of ethanol because of its low cost and abundance. Plus, corn delivers huge amounts of starch that convert to simpler sugars, which in turn can be fermented into ethanol.

Historical Notes

The very first mass-produced automobile, the Model T, was designed to run on ethanol. During the OPEC oil crises of the 1970s, ethanol went into gasoline as a fuel additive to extend domestic stocks. In the 1980s, ethanol saw widespread use as an octane enhancer, replacing environmentally harmful components in gasoline like lead and benzene. The passage of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 required enhancers in gasoline used in the nation's most polluted regions. This rise in demand for ethanol gave a boost to the rural economy. Farmers across the Midwest created cooperative ethanol production plants, which drove the advancement of the industry.
Octane Enhancer, Fuel Extender

Regular unleaded gasoline typically has an octane rating of 87; premium unleaded, a rating of 91. Pure ethanol has an average octane rating of 113. Adding ethanol to gasoline allows refiners to produce greater quantities of lower octane gas "blend stock." The resulting increase in octane rating expands the volume of the fuel supply. In short, ethanol helps generate more fuel from a barrel of oil, reducing America's dependence on foreign crude oil.
Clean, Renewable, Biodegradable

Ethanol isn't just a renewable resource; ethanol works in harmony with Earth's natural carbon cycle. And that's big in the fight to control carbon emissions that drive global warming. Petroleum products release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and lack the biological capacity to remove the excess. But crops grown to produce ethanol consume carbon dioxide: The carbon dioxide released from the combustion of ethanol goes back into growing crops. (Ethanol is also non-toxic, water soluble and biodegradable.)

Ethanol's 35 percent oxygen content also delivers more complete combustion, which lowers tailpipe emissions by as much as 30 percent.

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 established minimum nationwide levels of renewable fuels to be included in gasoline. VeraSun believes the actual use of renewable fuels will surpass mandated requirements.
Energy Independence

It's no secret: America is dependent on foreign oil. According to the Energy Information Administration, the United States currently imports 62 percent of its crude oil; a figure expected to rise to 77 percent by 2025. Additionally, political unrest destabilizes supplies while developing nations like China and India increase demand for oil.

As a domestic, renewable source of energy, ethanol reduces our country's dependence on foreign oil by increasing the availability of domestic fuel supplies. The ethanol industry group, the Renewable Fuels Association, estimates that ethanol use reduces the country's trade deficit by $2 billion per year and oil imports by 128,000 barrels per day. And that's good news for all of us.

VeraSun Marion

VeraSun Marion is a dry-mill ethanol plant located on a 200-acre site in Marion, South Dakota. This facility began operations in February 2008 and has the capacity to produce 110 million gallons of ethanol per year (MMGY) using a dry-grind production method and state-of-the-art technology to maintain the industry-leading standards in production, safety and product quality. The plant has also been designed to be among the most environmentally-friendly in the industry.

VeraSun Marion
27283 447th Avenue
Marion, SD 57043
Phone: 605.648.2100
Fax: 605.648.2190

VeraSun Aurora

VeraSun Aurora is a dry-mill ethanol plant located on a 420-acre site in Aurora, South Dakota. This facility began operations in December 2003 and was the first ethanol biorefinery with a production capacity of 100 million gallons per year (MMGY). The capacity was increased to 120MMGY in June 2005. The facility uses a dry-grind production method and state-of-the-art technology to maintain the industry-leading standards in production, safety and product quality. The plant has also been designed to be among the most environmentally-friendly in the industry.

In December 2007, work began on an oil extraction facility utilizing a technology to extract corn oil from distillers grains, a co-product of the ethanol production process. The process is expected to yield 8 million gallons of corn oil annually from 390,000 tons of distillers grains. The corn oil will be made available for sale to the biodiesel market. One gallon of corn oil yields approximately one gallon of biodiesel, increasing the production of renewable fuels without creating additional feedstock demand.

VeraSun Aurora
One VeraSun Place
Aurora, SD 57002
Phone: 605.693.6800
Fax: 605.693.6850

address  Address:

110 N Minnesota Ave. Suite 300
Sioux Falls 57104
South Dakota

contact  Contact:

bullet  Contact: Don Endres
bullet  Title: Chief Executive Officer
bullet  Toll Free: 866-224-2395
bullet  Phone: 605.978.7000
bullet  Fax: 605.978.7150

bullet  Www: Visit Website

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