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Waste-Not Recycling

Waste-Not Recycling

description  Description:

If your business, large or small, wants to be recycling, we want to work with you. As the leading recycling company in Northern Colorado, Waste-Not has the experience, the resources and the dedication to implement a successful corporate recycling program. We may call Colorado home, but we can provide support coast to coast.

Recycling Programs as unique as our clients

Based on each client's individual needs, Waste-Not can provide a variety of recycling programs tailored for materials, company size and budget. Regardless of the type of program instituted, Waste-Not will always provide the highest quality recycling services with timely collection, keeping our customers informed while being responsive to their needs.


With Waste-Not, you don't have to worry about where your materials are going. Not only do we guarantee to recycle as much as possible, but we will guarantee that the materials we commit to recycle will be recycled. We work with our clients through providing waste assessments to increase the amounts of materials recycled, and always look for ways to reduce and reuse items along with recycling. Part of our philosophy is to "take the good with the bad," meaning that we will take hard-to-recycle items along with basic office materials. We will always look for an avenue to recycle a commodity before not accepting it. To ensure that our quality is the highest, we solicit input from our customers on how to improve their recycling program and our services overall.


One of the most important components of a successful recycling program is the people. If people within a company are informed about recycling issues and know how recycling positively affects the environment, they do their part to recycle as much as possible. Waste-Not has a thorough training program and provides onsite education to employees through flyers, presentations, and "green team" meetings. We can provide the necessary education for requirement to set up an internal and/or external reuse and exchange program, based on whatever materials a company manufactures. We also provide reports with statistics regarding the tons recycled and how that affects the environment.


At Waste-Not, customer service is an extremely important part of our job. We tailor recycling programs individually for clients, scheduling pick-ups and container deliveries around our customers' needs. We are proud of our reputation for having outstanding commitment to our clients and to the environment!

We're all in this together

The mission of Waste-Not is to assist in creating a sustainable environment for present and future generations by providing quality recycling services. With a specialized focus on working with businesses, Waste-Not provides some of the most comprehensive recycling and reuse services to commercial, institutional and government accounts.

Waste-Not Recycling was founded by Anita R. Comer in 1989, based on her desire to protect the environment. Since then, the company has grown from volunteer-based curbside recycling programs in small towns to providing comprehensive recycling services to hundreds of businesses, schools and public entities in Colorado. Clients include City of Fort Collins, Poudre School District, Larimer and Weld Counties, Poudre Valley Hospital, Agilent Technologies, Avago and Kodak.

The company’s creativity and commitment has allowed them to expand, even during dismal market cycles. Currently Waste-Not is leading the industry in construction waste recycling.

Waste-Not Recycling has been a recipient of grants and contracts allowing the company to develop and expand recycling curriculum for state schools, as well as to develop a voluntary Environmental Stewardship program for businesses, rewarding them for their commitment to the environment. Our staff is active in State and Local Advisory, Solid Waste, Pollution Prevention and Recycling Boards.

Our Goals & Objectives:

To provide the best service to our clients and the planet.

To make every effort to recycle as much as possible.

To provide a work environment where employees can feel good about their contribution to environmental improvement.

To continue learning about recycling opportunities and to seek regional markets for the commodities we collect.

To assist in changing from a throw away society to one that protects and treasures our natural resources.

To participate in environmental education efforts in the schools and in our community.

Service Programs that can be tailored to suit any business, industry, government or school

Full Service
Waste-Not Recycling provides on site employees to pick up office paper and other recyclable commodities from each office and cubicle as well as at recycling stations throughout the company. Waste-Not employees pick up the commodities as needed, load them onto a truck and send them to Waste-Not's warehouse. At the enclosed warehouse, all commodities are weighed. All weights are tracked on a ticket, entered into the computer and results tracked per client. The commodities are then shipped to reputable markets.
Moderate Service
The client is responsible for transporting commodities from the source to an internal central location (such as a mail or copy room). Centralized containers should be located within a short walking distance from offices and cubicles in order to make the program more "user friendly" Waste-Not drivers go through the building to each recycling station to empty each centralized container and take the materials to the truck for transport. After all commodities have been gathered, they are taken to Waste-Not's warehouse. At the enclosed warehouse, all commodities are weighed. All weights are tracked on a ticket, entered into the computer and results tracked per client. The commodities are then shipped to reputable markets.
Basic Service
The client is responsible for taking all commodities from the source to the external collection site. Recycling stations can be set up internal, or at each office and/or cubicle for office paper recycling. Typically, custodial teams are responsible for transporting the commodities to the recycling collection site. Waste-Not drivers come to the external location to empty the recycle bins and take the commodities back to our enclosed warehouse for weighing, tracking and shipment to reputable markets.

address  Address:

1065 Poplar Street
Loveland 80534

contact  Contact:

bullet  Contact: Anita R. Comer
bullet  Title: Founder
bullet  Toll Free: 800-584-9912
bullet  Phone: 970-669-9912
bullet  Fax: 970-669-9926

bullet  Www: Visit Website

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